Free Shipping Promotion

Terms and Conditions


This promotion is sponsored and conducted by Aeroshop LLC (AP), and governed under the following conditions:

1. All Aeropost Network customers from Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Panama, Honduras, Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, British Virgin Islands, Saint Vincent, Saint Lucia, Anguilla, Saint Martin, Grand Cayman, Bahamas, Barbados, Curacao, Turks & Caicos, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Peru and Chile participate in this promotion. In order to participate, customers must first receive direct communication of this promotion via email.

2. This promotion consists of AP giving the customer free shipping within the thirty (30) minute window detailed in the promotional email per country, on a maximum of five (5) orders per account, through's all-inclusive service on October 29, 2019 only. This means the customer will be able to place orders without paying 'Shipping Costs', a cost regularly charged at checkout during non-promotional periods in


3. Valid only for orders placed within the promotional period. The promotion will run in GMT-4 time, meaning official promotional schedule will run as follows: Caribbean, from 4:00 pm to 4:30 pm MIA time (GMT-4).


4. Aeropost reserves the right to cancel any order that, though completed within the promotional period, cannot be processed in accordance with's regular all inclusive price service terms and conditions.


5. The customer may place a maximum of five (5) orders per account, of up to 5k/11lb each order.


6. This promotion will be executed subject to's user and traffic capacity and limitations. The promotion will run subject to a limited number of discounts available per country, defined by AP, while supplies last. Therefore, AP reserves the right to suspend the promotion, without any liability, if the allocated discounts were to run out, regardless of the promotional 30-minute window being still active.


7. This promotion does not apply in combination with other credits, coupons or promotions. The promotional benefits are non-transferable, non-negotiable and non-exchangeable for cash or other goods or services, and will only be applied to the customer's account.


8. The customer may only make use of the promotion within the promotional period, on any product found in, except for those goods restricted by local authorities that require special permits for nationalization. This promotion applies to all payment methods available in each country.


9.This promotion does not apply to closed or suspended Aeropost account holders.


10. AP may immediately suspend this promotion, without incurring any liability, if fraudulent actions are detected. Fraud includes but is not limited to alterations, substitutions or any other irregularity that were to take place throughout the development of this promotion.


11. If, by any chance or force of nature, AP were to temporarily or permanently suspend this promotion, AP will only be responsible for adequately communicating the circumstances, and participants will be unable to claim any damage or detriment up to that point.


12. Participants agree in advance to the promotion under the conditions Aeroshop LLC chose them, without claiming improvements or changes in any way.


13. Beneficiaries release AP from all liability in the understanding that they have chosen to participate in this promotion at their own will and risk; beneficiaries accept and understand all of the above clauses and waive any possible claims for damage, loss or detriment that may arise from the use, enjoyment or abuse of the benefits of these discounts.


14. Participants accept being informed of any additions or clarifications to these terms and conditions by the sole publication of these, by AP, on, in this same section.


15. Does not apply for in-app purchases.

For more information or questions about this promotion, please contact our Customer Service at


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